Grease Pencil 1.1.0 now available on

Yes, Grease Pencil for Unity is now available on!

Grease Pencil allows you to annotate scenes and objects in Unity with hand written notes and drawings. These drawings work well with prefabs, they can act as place holder art, and with the performance and workflow improvements introduced in 1.1.0, Grease Pencil can even be used to create final artwork.

Major Features

  • Multiple draw-modes including surface and planar.
  • Layer count is only limited by target RAM and the length of a 32-bit integer.
  • Layers have their own settings like, line and fill colour, stroke width, xray-ness (strokes can be seen through solid geo) and modifiers.
  • Layer modifiers are non-destructive (think of modifier stacks like Blender and 3dsMax). And the modifier API makes it easy to write your own.
  • Experimental support for run-time drawing, see the included demo (playable here) and the manual for setup instructions.
  • Experimental support for stroke listeners, a mechanism that listens for stroke changes and updates the scene as required, used in the demo above to construct 2D Edge Colliders at run-time.
  • Works with Unity 2017+.

Let me know what you think of the tool, or show me how you've used it.



GreasePencil - 1.1.0 Unity Package 421 kB
Dec 18, 2018

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