Ludum Dare 42 - The Swarm

Hi all!

Here is my submission for LD42 - Running out of Space. I wanted to compete in the compo, but a few family obligations stumbled me a bit, so I entered the Jam instead.

Beware: Game spoilers ahead!!! AWOOGA!!!

What went right

The Aliens references should be pretty obvious and it was fun working in that space and the alien blood serves the Running out of Space theme well by restricting the players movement. The systems I built in Unity made it easy to make new additions quickly,  the acid extinguishing foam canisters, sentry turrets and the finale were really easy to implement as they were just components to be assembled.  I also used my Sets, Variables and Event code extensively, it's based on this talk: 

I recommend any Unity users to check it out, it makes your design space very friendly. This LD has actually shown me the power of the system if one actually leans into it and flirts with overuse :P

What went wrong

I wanted to make a twin-stick shooter and and, based on past experience, Unity's default input system is not very forgiving when trying to use both joysticks on a controller, so I decided to use the experimental input system... which caused it's own problems. The documentation is completely out of date, finding experienced users with LD time frames is difficult and the system has a lot of quirky bugs that needed working around. This was my only major technical hurdle in this project.

The Future

I would love to explore this idea further, I wanted to add a preface to the game to add to the story and still do, that may appear in future versions. I also want to add some local coop (a relatively easy prospect with my framework, the only thing preventing it from being in this release was my limited knowledge of the new Unity Input System). I may make the game premium release if I make these changes though and I may have to deviate more from the Aliens property though as I may get some cease and desists.

Comments and questions are welcome!

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Aug 13, 2018

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